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Kraniche und Reiter

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Horse Riding



Here you can find our seasonal offers and themed, art and riding specials.

Offers and prices are for small groups up to 4 people / priced for single participants.

Crane migration Ride / Safari

In the months of March and October witness migratory cranes in huge flocks directly above your head! They stay to enjoy several weeks break in the shallow Bodden waters, exciting countless bird lovers. While we do not go directly out into the water, we have a plentiful open view from the meadows to observe the immediate surroundings. Experience this breathtaking natural spectacle and watch these birds of happiness from horseback. Ride includes:

  • Welcome drink/ small snack during ride
  • Well trained horses
  • Professional guide and route planning
  • Riding gear incl. saddlebags, raincoats,binoculars

Price: 57€ / 72€ approx. 2.5-3 hours including fore and after care and snack.

118€ / 143€ approx 5-6 hours incl. fore and after care and picnic on the trail.

Rapeseed Flower Ride

Depending on the weather between April and May, our countryside can transform into a sea of yellow flowers. These extensive fields filled with rapeseed flowers stretch to the horizon creating the framework for this colourful ride.

Price: 35€ Taster Ride purely walking 1.5-2 hours incl. fore and after care.

57€ Half-day Ride approx. 3-4 hours incl. fore and after care and snack.


Poor Weather Rides (Nov-Mar)

We ride when others stay inside where it's warm! The wind will blow up your nose and there's no better time to clear your head. Come wind or rain, we view this especially lovely time of the year in nature from the warm backs of our robust horses. Included in the price there's a hot drink or warming brandy. For an extra charge we can also offer a hot meal, sauna, fireplace, or all as a bookable weekend package.

Price: 35€ Walking Ride 1.5-2 hour, 57€ Half-day ride

87€ / 102€ Flat rate - ride with hot meal, sauna, fire


Our offers for Riding and Art

Trail-ride with sketchbook

On the trail with your sketchbook in the saddlebag; we ride through wonderful and hidden places in nature. While the horses take a break we enjoy a moment to have a short spontaneous sketching session. It's less a matter of creating a masterpiece as creating your personal impression. During this session we include an introduction to the technique of drawing and perspective. Rides include:

  • competent introduction to drawing
  • Drawing material
  • Professionally guided trails
  • Well trained horses
  • Saddlebag picnic

Price: 87€ / 102€ Half-day, 135€ / 160€ Full-day


Trail Ride with Camera

Whether a selfie taken on horseback or a shot in trot 'from the hip', here you can take the most unique photos of your holiday. We take our cameras in saddlebags to discover places that a hiker hardly finds. We capture these moments from horseback during short pauses throughout the ride. There's not a better holiday memory! Bring along your point and shoot pocket camera or a mobile-phone with camera function.

Price: 68€ / 83€ Half-day, 125€ / 150€ Full-day


Drawing and Painting the Encounter with the horse

A a a a horse

Whilst drawing the horse do you want to feel his breath and retain the softness of his muzzle in your sketch? Or would you like to capture the dynamic of a lively gallop with horses in formation? We spend time in this course in and out of the paddock, letting both the peace and power of the horse inform the sketch. Various drawing exercises help us focus on the essentials. Concurrently we refine our perceptions and the horse is the starting point of an exciting journey on canvas and paper.

  • incl. professionally guided trails
  • Drawing materials, colours, canvases
  • Sketching stool
  • Well trained horse models
  • Drink and snack; Full-day option includes a hot lunch

Price: 45€ / 60€ Half-day, Full-day possible by request