Art in ART.Quartier

ART.Quartier is a place where contemporary artists can meet and encounter each others work. When we have hosted diverse workshops and seminars here, artists from various countries have been inspired by the ambience and nature and have created works which express their individual feelings in a unique way.


Anne Hille, owner of ART.Quartier is herself a professional artist. She studied sculpture at the University of Arts in Berlin. Besides her work as a University Lecturer she has achieved various scholarships and awards and exhibits regularly at home and abroad. Since 2015 Anne is Chair of the Art Association Mecklenberg Vorpommern in BBK e.v. For further information about Anne see also her individual website.


Experience modern art in the places where and for which it was created. You can find paintings and drawing on the walls of the holiday homes as well as sculptures and installations in the outdoor areas of ART.Quartier and throughout Starkow.