Horse Riding

Day Rides

An overview of our half- and full-day rides:

  • The Düwels (Devils) ride – a quick paced half-day ride along the Düweldamm
  • Slavs ride – half-day ride committed to the Slawenburg
  • Poor-weather rides – Half- or Full-day rides, only between November and March
  • Lord of the Manor ride – a day ride to Schlemmin Castle
  • Monastery ride – an especially good day ride to the Endingen Monastery Ruins
  • Pilgrim ride – day ride to the holy spring of Kenz
  • Coast ride – day ride to the Bodden Coast

All rides are available separately, or in combination, or as a part of a complete package booking.

Priced for small groups (max. 6 riders) or for a single participant.

Price: 57€ / 72€ Half-day ride approx. 2.5-3 hours incl. fore and after horse care.

118€ / 143€ Full-day ride approx. 5-6 hours incl. fore and after horse care.

  • Refreshment - snack after the Half-day ride, picnic on the Full-day ride
  • Well trained horses
  • Professional guides and route planning
  • Riding Gear provided if needed incl. saddlebags/ full rain jackets

Our Trail rides in detail:

The Düwels Ride
The Düwels (devils) ride takes us along what is known today as the Düwelsdamm road which according to medieval legend the devil himself built. Find out more about this fascinating story during the ride along the Düwelsdamm and into the Forest of Schuenhagen.

Slavs Ride

This ride takes us along the scenic river Barthe to the magical former location of Slavs fortress. This is a wonderful ride through the grasslands and forests of the Barthe area. With a little luck we will maybe even see a lesser spotted eagle, which are a protected bird species in the area.

Lord of the Manor Ride

We will ride like Lords; down the old paths and alongside various Mansion houses in the region. In the grounds of Schlemmin Castle, one of the more beautiful castles in the region where in 1853 even King Friedrich Wilhelm IV. stayed, we can enjoy a satisfying picnic. Whilst picnicking you can learn about the background and history of the Castle.

Monastery Ride

On this enchanting ride along the gentle River Barthe we head to the Endingen Manor ruins of the medieval monastery. After a picnic we continue on through this historic place before making our way back towards Starkow. At Endingen more fascinating history was unearthed in the form of engravings on antlers from the ancestor species of todays deer, providing proof of early human life in this area.

Coast Ride

A wonderful trek to the Bodden Coast and back, this ride follows the expanse of Vorpommern coastline.

Find more seasonal ride and themed ride information on our specials page.