Horse Riding

Horse Beginners ABCs

...You’ve never been around horses before and want to know how to say “hello” and introduce yourself?

In the Horse Beginner’s ABCs you learn the fundamentals of being with horses. This three-hour class teaches you about horse body language, behaviour, health, how to bring a horse from the paddock, how to lead and brush it, how to clean its hooves and saddle it, and how to put a knotted rope halter on properly. The class combines theory and practice in hands-on work with horses.

The class is designed to give you confidence in working with horses, and, after a playful exam, participants will be awarded their certificate in Beginner’s Class.


The Horse Beginner’s ABCs includes:

  • 2.5 hour introduction to the world of horses (theory and practice)
  • Short break and refreshment
  • 1.5 hour test
  • Maximum of 6 people

Price: 28 € p.p. small group, 58 € individual