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Horses and Health

Here you can find health offers as Half-day courses both for small groups (up to max.6 people) or for individual tuition. From 2015 you can save with a weekend package - choose from EquiYoga, Riding with body and soul and Riders Wellness.


Riding and back exercises

Riding and back exercises are preventative training exercises for adults and kids that have been developed in conjunction with an orthopedist and a physiotherapist. Such exercises seek to preserve and increase body awareness, promote relaxation and ultimately good health. This course has been designed for both beginner and advanced riders alike. The vibration of the horses back transfers to the riders back when in a regular seated position and the rhythm is dispersed via the pelvis and hips up through the spinal discs. Simultaneously the back muscles are engaged and so the entire structure of the back is strengthened. This strengthening optimally prevents back pain. Furthermore through this combined form of exercise, balance and coordination are improved as well.

Price: 35€ 60 min Back Exercises Trial session

78€ Half-day (4 hour) workshop