Horse Riding

Human & Horse

Have you ever tried to speak "horse"?

Learning to communicate with horses is enriching for both horse and rider.

At ART.Quartier, we practice natural horsemanship. In other words, we develop a common and fair language between horse and rider that is free of fear. Play and the joy in genuine two-way communication lie at the center of this approach. Speaking "horse" is a continuous learning process for all involved – and the horses themselves are our best teachers. Groundwork is an important piece of the puzzle in the "horse ABCs". When communication between horse and rider is successful, we gladly take you on longer trail rides and excursions in the beautiful surrounding nature between lagoon coastlines and the romantic countryside.


Our "horse ABCs"

For us humans:

  • Be in the here-and-now
  • Don’t be a “predator” but a “leader” with all your emotional and mental abilities
  • Be aware of your body language and use it purposefully
  • Timing and rhythm are key to communication
  • Be physically fit and capable to match the movements of the horse

For our horses:

  • Do not behave like “prey” but trust the leadership of the human
  • React easily and gently to your humans signals
  • Maintain your speed and gait
  • Pay attention to your own feet and where you put them
  • Allow us to help you stay in condition, be serene and courageous

Please be aware that for the sake of our horses we do have a weight limit for riders of no more than 85kg. Groundwork is of course weight-limitless!