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Horse riding

Riding lesson

Whether you’ve only had a little instruction on the lunge line or are already an experienced rider, we will design our instruction to suit your individual abilities and experience. We offer individual sessions, as well as group instruction for up to 5 people. If you are a true beginner with no horsemanship experience, we recommend that you get a taste for the groundwork and riding using the horsemanship method. Most importantly, if you would like to ride on the trail with us, it is essential for the safety and security of both horse and rider to have had at least one hour of instruction in the arena.

More endorphins – less adrenaline

Our riding instruction focuses on your feel for the horse’s movements, your balance and poise, timing and rhythm. Every form of rider aid is first carefully thought through before being implemented according to the 4 phases principle. The goal is to achieve a riding method as unforced, confident, firm and relaxed as possible and calm, attentive horses.

Riding lesson in the arena 60 Min. 20€ p.p groups max. 5 people, 30€ private lesson