Horse riding

Riding tours and trails

...ride for hours and come across no one

...fresh sea air for your nose with the horses mane blowing in the breeze at one with your horses rhythm, sounds and scents

Discover the long-ago pirate country of Klaus Störtebekers and enjoy views to the horizon, from the Bodden Coast through fields and forests, alongside imposing mansion houses and picturesque villages. Time seems to stand still as stresses and daily routine fall behind with each hoof step. Simply be, in these impressive landscapes, and let your soul fly!

We offer professionally guided trail rides on well trained horses, in comfortable western saddles and bit-less halters.

  • An hour long ride for novice riders, at walk, with trot and canter depending on ability
  • Half- and full-day rides
  • Complete packages incl. accommodation, daily trail riding-every day a new direction, riding lessons
  • Multi-day horse trekking, with long hours in the saddle and different accommodations nightly
  • Themed rides with information and a history of the land and people
  • Our special seasonal rides eg. crane migration trail, midsommer trail, poor weather trails
  • Combine riding and art, bring your sketchbook or camera.

We gladly organise and plan routes according to individual abilities and preferences.

We are a Vfd and FN certified Trail riding Centre and horse trekking station.

If it is the first time you are joining us, we mandate a minimum hour training in the arena (directly prior to a ride out if you like) to ensure effective horse/rider communication and safety.