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Artquartier Reiten

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Artquartier Reiten

Horse Riding

Trail Riding

What could be better than enjoying Nature from horse back?

We tailor our trail riding to individual abilities, easy walking, or with relaxed trot and even some canter. For experienced riders we can trot and canter extensively. Rides possible for one rider (single supplement applies) or for small groups up to 6 riders maximum.

In the following files find further information about our Half- and Full-day rides, Seasonal offers, Specials for Riding and Art. You can of course simply book a ride.

Professionals guide the trails on well trained horses, using comfortable western saddles and bit-less halters.

We are a VfD and FN certified Trail Riding Centre and Horse trekking station.


  • Walk in hand 20-30 minutes, 15€ p.p.Group / 18€ Single
  • Trail ride 1.5-2 hours incl. fore and after care 35€ p.p Group / 45€ Single

Please note before taking to the trails we mandate a minimum hour training session in the arena (possible directly before riding out) to ensure effective horse/rider communication and safety for both. Rider weight maximum 85kg!